TWISTEX Field Operations for May 26, 2011

May 26, 2011 – 2:51 pm

Currently en-route from Memphis, TN to Denver


Tough chase across Arkansas yesterday.  Targeted northeast Arkansas in in an area where the terrain was reasonable to run ops.  Isolated storms initiated just west of Little Rock around 3:30 PM, and quickly became supercells.  For some reason, most of these storms in Arkansas struggled to produce tornadoes most of the afternoon (although most were tornado warned most of their life span).

Finally, one storm did produce a tornado in West Memphis, AR just before sunset.  Tornado had a condensation funnel half way to the ground and a debris cloud was visible much of its life.  As we crossed the Mississippi river into Tennessee, the tornado actually became a waterspout in the MS river moving east at 60 MPH.  This rotation on the river basically ‘chased’ us into TN!  A very interesting sight.

Tornado was too unpredictable for any deployment attempts.

A few minutes later, the weak tornado dissipated.  Stayed in Memphis, TN for the evening.


Storm system moved into the Atlantic states with tornado watch boxes in Pennsylvania and New York state.  Too far for us to chase.


Zonal/NW flow over Oklahoma is adequate or supercells, however the cap is pretty strong, thus will continue our return to Colorado.  No chase tomorrow.


Pattern sets up for good shear across Colorado and Nebraska for possible upslope chasing across the front range early next week–if we get enough moisture.

At this point, it appears that Sunday might be our first opportunity in Colorado.

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