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There are few things that are more valuable than a passion for learning. Part of being a parent is wanting to give your children the tools they need not only to do well in school, but be successful in life and accomplish their goals.

Study after study shows that the earlier you start educating your child, the better. Early learning is an important part of raising a happy and healthy child: not only helping him or her to be academically smart in a traditional sense but giving the child the confidence and curiosity to explore the surrounding world.

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Early learning technology for your toddler

The benefits of early education are endless. Learning doesn’t start in kindergarten or first grade, it starts at home. If you’re looking for some tools to help cultivate your child’s learning, here are four software programs that are designed to give your child an early lead.

Jumpstart Toddler

Knowledge Adventure, the company behind Jumpstart Toddler, has a lot of the same goals you do: to prepare your child to succeed in grade school and beyond. The Jumpstart Toddler software encourages curiosity with engaging challenges, games, music, and graphics.

Preschoolers that use the Jumpstart Toddler software don’t just get the tools they need to become successful learners, but they develop that even-more-important interest in learning as well.

Crayola Magic 3D

Many early-learning software programs focus on reading skills, shapes, and colors, but those aren’t the only skills your child should have. With Crayola Magic, kids can draw to their heart’s content and there’s no fear about their leaving crayon marks on the walls.

Creativity and self-expression are important in every stage of life. This program gives kids an outlet to improve their skills and try new things.

The Reader Rabbit series

The Learning Company is known for its effective and beloved educational products for children of all ages, from babies and toddlers to fifth graders. With The Learning Company’s software — specifically, the Reader Rabbit games — your child will have fun and learn to read at the same time.

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Millie’s Math House

Kids learn in different ways, and everyone ends up being better in some subjects than others, so you want to cover all your bases in early education with regard to both subject matter and learning styles.

It’s obviously important to give kids early exposure to thinking critically, exploring creativity, and discovering a love for reading; but the analytic, logical side of their brains usually goes ignored in early learning. A lot of kids struggle with math and science simply because they were never taught to think in terms of numbers, which makes it hard to learn mathematical concepts later on without that basic foundation.

With Millie’s Math House, toddlers are exposed to simple math concepts and get to try their hand at using that particular side of their brain.

As a parent, you want to provide a solid foundation for your child. Part of doing that is to take care of his or her health with a good diet and by treating common problems like colic or infant gas. But you also want to take care of the child’s mental health as well.

If you get children interested in learning from the very beginning, they’re more likely to do better in school (from kindergarten all the way through college) and become lifelong learners. Early education can help toddlers get a jump-start on reading skills and creativity, and even promote good self-esteem.

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