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We use salt in our day to day life but do you know it can also be used as a powerful element. It can be used as an ally in our life. For instance, salt crystals have the power to emit electromagnetic waves that can absorb bad energies and help us to destroy those bad energies.

Salts have got negative ions in it which helps to stimulate negative chi to move on and helps in attracting the good vibes. Today I am precisely going to give you some ideas on the same topic.

Have you ever thought of attracting money with the help of some salt rituals? Well, if you have the same purpose, then you will have to necessarily use sea salt. Do not use table salt as it does not have the same purifying properties as the sea salt. So, let’s look at some ways by which you can use salt for good luck and attracting money.


You can find sea salt at your local grocery shop easily. Buy a few bags of sea salt and make sure that you have it in abundance. After that follow the given below rituals to attract money.

  • Take a hand full of sea salt and place it in the center and at the backside of your front or entrance door. This will help in attracting wealth as well as good vibes at your home. Also, don’t forget to change the sea salt after every 10 days in order to maintain its purifying properties.
  • Wrap sea salt in some plastic or small tea bag and place this in a small compartment in your wallet. This is considered a very powerful way of attracting wealth. Changing sea salt after every 10 days also applies to this ritual.
  • If in case you are facing difficulties to manage your finances then put sea salt at all the corners of your house. You can also use plastic containers. Also, it is necessary to keep the salt-covered. This ritual will help to absorb all the negative energies that are in your house. Keep changing the salt after every 10 days.

IMPORTANT ADVICE: You must follow these rituals during the first day of the new moon. Its because the new moon is considered as a mark of new beginnings. Its the best to renew things and create positivity around you. So make sure you try one of these rituals on this day to attract money because the chances of success are higher than any other day.


Using salt in different ways is not the only way you can attract wealth.  There are some other ways too by which you can attract money. Some rituals are related to consuming certain food, carrying some lucky charm with you, and so many other options.


There are so many rituals by which you can fill your pockets with money. Below we have given some of those rituals on how to attract wealth. Make sure you try them out to give you final views about it.

  • Use lentils to attract money: Its a very good way to carry your lady luck by keeping a few lentils in your wallet or even eating on Monday and New year’s day.

           This ritual comes from the fact that lentil is shaped like money, just like some of the countries such as Germany, the United States and Ireland where vegetables like cabbages and collard greens are associated with money. These are believed to possess similarities to the bills. Because of these facts, they are associated with wealth and economic prosperity.

Other food items that are associated with good wealth include fish in some areas of Europe. Honey, sugar grapes, black-eyed pea, parsley, and even spaghetti are also among these food items.

  • Use Berry seeds: Do you have a habit of purchasing lottery tickets or participating in our games related to money? Then this one ritual is for you. Bring a green cloth sack with berry seeds in it, whenever you next time purchases a lottery ticket. This will attract good fortune and money towards you.
  • The best day to attract wealth- Monday: The beginning of the week is considered the best day to perform rituals to attract money towards you. One of the most popular examples of such a ritual is saving money in a wooden box on Monday and not spending that money.  After a week, take out the old money and put new ones in the box. This will lead to financial mobility.
  • Assure luxury with golden candles: Wondering how to attract luxury towards you? Try out this candle spell. Another classic way of attracting wealth to you is to light candles at your place. The golden color is associated with finances, so it best to use golden candles.

           One of the most effective ways is to lighten golden candles every Sunday continually for about six weeks and make sure that the flame of the candle is burning for about an hour. To avoid the color coming off of the candle you can apply some olive oil over it.

In case you don’t have candles of golden color, then you can carve a dollar sign on the candles with the help of a file. The candles should be burning in a plate and make sure to place some grains of black pepper, a lemon or a coin in the plate.

  • Call prosperity with sandalwood: In white magic, sandalwood is considered a powerful element to attract money. A ritual associated with sandalwood is to burn a stick of sandalwood at your home and while it is burning, visualize the amount of money you need.

You can also use some other plants associated with money such as lotus flower, which is a magnet for abundance, and clove, that attracts clients to your business. Honeysuckle is also considered best for attracting finances to your home.

  • A ritual to bless money: There are a lot of spells that help to bless our money and bills. A very simple ritual among them is to put three coins in a glass cup, the amount of the coin does not matters but make sure to put them face up. After that cover them with 2 tablespoons of honey and while doing this imagine the prosperity that you want in your future.

           Another ritual is that wait for the night of a full moon and leave some money of little worth out in open. Then the next day take it out again but it should be covered with sugar in a container. After these two nights, the money should be covered with cellophane and you can place it in your wallet as a lucky charm and you should never you this money.

We hope that you find these rituals or spells beneficial in attracting money in your home. Try them out and let us know in the comments below if any ritual actually worked as good luck for you.

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