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Training Aids

There are 100’s of golf accessories that you can give out as birthday presents. If you want to give out any special gifts on a person’s special day, they have to be stylish and of good taste.

You do not require an exceptional understanding of the birthday golf gifts that you purchase.

You just need to know that they are cool and the recipient would value them. Here are some golf accessories that you can give out as birthday presents.


Golf Drinking Game

Do you want your avid golfer buddy to take out time with his friends for a drink? You can get him a golfing set.

A golfing drinking kit comes with shots of glasses and a mini gold course. If you cannot shoot the gold ball into the hole, you would drink from any of the shot glasses set up at the kit.

This is a great thing to do during parties or a family get together.

Personalized Golf Ball Set

A par-scription golf ball kit is a lovable collection of golf balls that are put together inside a container that resembles a prescription pill bottle.

This catchy unique golf ball set can be personalized with the name of the recipient.

You even have custom prints on the balls as well. Most par-scription golf balls kits have tees that golfers can use to improve their game.

Golf Drinking Game
4 Golf Accessories that You Can Give Out as Birthday Presents

Golf iPhone Cover

iphones are one of the most popular phones in the market. It seems everyone owns one. If you have a golfer friend that uses one, why not get them a golf iphone case.

This awesome cellphone case comes in a variety of styles. You can have a personalized one made for them. Ensure that you are familiar with the recipient’s favorite colors and preferred style.

If you choose wisely, you would definitely see their eyes light up in appreciation when you present your gift.

Training Aids

Everyone wants to improve his swing and general golf game even the greats who have won many awards and made plenty of money in the process, still work on their game.

This is why a golf training aid kit works well for the beginner or professional. These aids include practice balls, practice clubs, practice nets and putting greens.

You may want to check out the golfing accessories of the person you want to buy a gift. So that you do not get them something that they already have in their kitty.

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