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Blood Spells for Money

Blood Spells for Money There goes a proverb: “time is money and money is time”. I am quite sure that you have heard of this saying a variety of times and you just can’t avoid this feeling multiple times, whenever you are in the need of money and it is out of your reach.

So, if I told you that there is a fastest way to make money, how much thrilled would you feel? Of course! There are some spells, and they do not belong to the common spells, but they are the blood spells for money.   

Yes! You read it totally right. Blood spells for money. Here in this article, I am going to share and explain all those blood spells for money. Also, in this article, you will find: 

  • Real blood magic spells
  • Blood binding ritual
  • Blood rituals and spells
  • Blood magic 2 rituals
  • Ritual of binding blood magic
  • Money spells using menstrual blood

No more waiting. Let’s start.

Blood Spells for Money
Blood Spells for Money

Blood Spells: Making Money is Easy 

Do you know the fact? This blood spell is a very powerful one and it will drain a lot of energy. Fainting, turning pale in the face, feeling too shaky to stand, feeling ill for a day or for a few days may occur after you cast such blood spells.

But then there is money. You just can’t ignore the fact that money is one of the prominent necessity to live a happy and successful life. Thus, even if some hazards occurred after casting the blood spells, it could be tolerated, only for the money and for the happy future. Isn’t it?

There is a gentle and friendly reminder too. Casting blood spells for money is a black magic and it is permeate. I hope you know that. Thus it is a thing that should not be messed with. It can be dangerous too if you do it in a wrong way.

Here are instructions to cast the blood spell for money. Go through the article very carefully.

Real Blood Magic Spells

Blood spells, also called ‘Blood magick’ sometimes, is a notorious type of magic. This spell involves the use bloods. Of Course! You know it as the title itself suggests that.

Real blood magic Spells is a forbidden art called ‘Hemomancy’ or ‘Haematokinesis’. It is actually a supernatural variation of the manipulation of blood. The moto is to control the body fluid as well as the blood through the kinetic power. 

Have any blood decease? Then be aware of the real blood magic spells while you are using it. Do not leave unsterilized tools lying near or around you with your blood on it. It can be dangerous and cause harm to someone other than yourself.

I strongly recommend you that you should cast the real blood magic spells if you are at an age which is above 18 years. But if you are an adult, who am I to stop you? Right? 

Let’s see how you can cast real blood magic spells.

Casting Instructions for real blood magic spell:

Things you need for the spell:
Things you need for the spell:

Things you need for the spell:

  • 1 white candle
  • A needle or a knife to prick your finger.
  • 1 envelop ether made by yourself.
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Fake money like monopoly money or the cut out of the paper of your own making.
  • Strong belief in magic 

How it is done:

  • At first, light the white candle.
  • Cut your finger with knife of prick the needle in your finger.
  • Do dot the bloods drops on the each individual fake money.
  • Keep those money in the envelope.
  • Pour the powder of cinnamon into the envelope, the amount what you feel right to pour.
  • After pouring the Cinnamon powder, smear the blood along the envelop closing. It allows you to seal the spell with your own blood.
  • Now, drop three small drops of your blood on the flame of the candle. Be careful about the fact that the flame must light up. It must not be out.
  • You can see here that your blood drops are fizzling and crackling in the flame of the candle.
  • When the candle is melted, take the melted candle wax and tip the wax onto the envelope. Keep in mind that you should tip the wax where you have smeared your blood on the envelope. It allows you to permanently seal the envelope.
  • Now wait till the wax of candle is cool.
  • After that, blow out the flame of the candle. 

Tip: my friendly tip to you is that when you try to blow the candle out, do it while you are in a sitting position. As I told you earlier, a little disturbance may occur while you are doing this process.

  • Now if you feel fine standing, hold the envelope in your right hand. Hold the seal facing up. Now recite the following:

Hear me the angels in your glory

Hear me now zacha real

I see the need for the common goods

And ask you for this to be increased

Blessed be so mote it be. 

Do this steps repetitively for at least 7 days and repeat this chant 3 times in a day. You will start receiving money in the sealed envelope. Also, you can visualize a protected shield over the envelope by yourself.

Keep the sealed envelope in a sacred place in your house.

This is how you are able to cast the real blood money spells.

You can take a chance for better luck. I can say that.

Blood Binding Ritual
Blood Binding Ritual

Blood Binding Ritual

A blood binding ritual is that kind of ritual which involves the release of the blood intentionally. Blood Binding ritual is started in ancient Europe and Asia.

In this blood binding ritual, two, or more than two people, typically they are male, intermingle their blood in a ritualistic way. It symbolizes that they are the participants of one single family. 

Blood Binding Ritual often includes a symbolic death and rebirth. The people who indulge themselves in this ritual, consider blood as something very powerful, and often very unclean.

Some blood binding rituals include two or more than two parties cutting themselves by the blood consumption. The people who are in this ritual consider the release or consumption of blood as creating ‘energy’ which is as useful as sexual healing or mental stimulation. 

Blood Rituals and spells: The secret circle

One of the most obvious characteristics of Blood Rituals and spells is that the ability of the witches to cast spells. 

As the title suggest itself, ‘spell’ is a word which is used to signify the means of employed to carry out a magical action. A spell can include a lot of ritual actions that will involve the intentional release or consumption of blood, a set of words, a verse or any combination of these things.

Most of the spells are spoken in the native language of the witches. But in a variety of cases, they require the other languages in order to cast the spells, such as Latin.

The blood binding ritual: it is a powerful ritual that involves the magic of a witch, to their coven. They intentionally release or consume blood in order to bind themselves by suppressing their individual power.

Incantation: metal, fire, earth, water, air and most importantly blood are the necessary things for the blood binding ritual. The spell the witch recites is somewhat like this:

We bind the circle, by these elements, and follow the steps of our ancestors, who indulged themselves to fight against the darkness. When the fear weakens us, when the descent threatens us, when the evil assails us, we will find our power in this circle. We came to this place alone, but we will leave bound as one. Our journey begins together, with this oath.

Will you accept the circle?

After hearing this all witches say: I accept.

Thus, in this way they complete their blood rituals and spells. 

Materials Required: members of the circle and the bonfire.

Blood magic 2 ritual

Blood Magic Rituals create some specific effects by using some specialized blocks. 

Well, there are a no of Blood magic 2 rituals

Ritual of Binding Blood Magic
Ritual of Binding Blood Magic

Here are the lists.

  • Crack of the Fractured Crystal
  • Gathering of the Forsaken Souls
  • Hymn of Syphoning
  • Interdiction Ritual
  • Ritual of blood binding
  • Ritual of containment
  • Ritual of living Evolution
  • Ritual of magnetism

Ritual of Binding Blood Magic

The ritual of binding blood magic was first practiced by the people of the Aztecs near about 500 years ago. The blood rituals they practiced had a symbolic meaning. It depended on the group and rituals they performed.

They had the belief that the gods sacrificed their own blood to make the universe. In exchange, the Aztec people offered their blood to the Gods as the gift for the beautiful creation.

The people of Aztecs used blood and sacrifice regularly as their offering to the sun god.


  1. The people of Aztec needed a supply of fresh blooded sacrificial victims to the Sun god. 
  2. They maintained their relationship with God through magical blood-binding rituals.

In India, some people performed the blood binding ritual in which they donated blood in order to remember politicians who died earlier. Thus, you know, it was rather a political ritual than the religious one.

It was kind of an act of virtue, though. 

Nevertheless, this ritual plays a very important and special role for those people who want to make money with magic. 

Money spells using menstrual blood

Menstrual blood is that kind of blood which is most effective body fluid you can use in magic and witchcraft for making money. If a person is menstruating, she can take full advantage of that powerful substance and enhance her life by making money.

There are obviously some money spells using the menstrual blood. It surely enhances the power of your spell. This attribute or the quality makes menstrual blood able to be compatible with the prosperity and money spells.

One of the most effective money spells using menstrual blood is to write Feruz rune on a paper and rub the menstrual blood on the writing. Then the paper is to be burn and let the magic spell enter the ethers. 

This is a way you can make money using the menstrual blood.

What is the blood binding ritual symbolic for?
What is the blood binding ritual symbolic for?


  1. Can I use the green candle for casting blood money spell?

Yes you can. It is totally alright if you use a green candle instead of a white one. A green candle also enhances the meaning and the focus of the blood money spells because the color of the candle represents money, luck and prosperity etc.

  1. Is body piercing a part of blood binding rituals?

Of course. Body piercing is definitely a part of the blood binding rituals. Here is a fact that you should know. Body piercing does not always cause the release of blood or the bleeding. The practice of body piercing is performed in a number of indigenous cultures throughout the world.

  1. What is the blood binding ritual symbolic for?

The blood binding ritual includes the intentional release and consumption of the blood. It was started in ancient Europe and Asia. The blood binding ritual is the symbol for the people who participate in the ritual, the togetherness into one single family. In some cultures it is a symbol for rebirth and death.

  1. How can I use the menstrual blood other than making money?

In Witchcraft and black magic, you can use the menstrual blood for charging sigils and servitors, for demon workings, love and lust spells, for visualization, enhancing the spells, for mojo bags, moon magic and so on.

  1. Should I be cautious while I am casting blood money spell?

You have to very cautious while you are casting the blood money spell. Casting these spells is a dangerous type of magic you should be very careful. It is my suggestion to you that before casting the blood money spells, you must consult an experienced spell caster for better results.

Magical Blood money spells: Everything you need to know

Blood money spells! The thrilling words! You are in the safe hands if are well aware of the spell. Therefore, read this article very carefully and then go for you luck. All the best. 

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