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Call Me Spell

When life is not giving you what you want, you don’t sit there and be sad about it. You do everything that you can to fulfill your wishes and desires even if that includes getting a call/text from your crush.

How? By taking the help of white magic and spells. Sounds witchy right? Well, it is what it is and if the spell helps you in achieving something good, why not use it asap then?

So, brace yourself and start taking notes on call me spell that’s given below.

Spells That Help

“It’s all just a bunch of Hocus Pocus”

Well, it’s not always hocus-pocus but sometimes it’s more than that. And since we are talking about the spells that can help you, let us begin with the very first and most important one. The call me spell.

But why call me spell is the most important one? Because only when you will be able to communicate with your lover, you will be able to express your feelings and take a step further in the relationship.

And so, here are your call me spells that work fast:

  1. This is an updated spell that works for a call on the cell phone in around 3 days. You can use this spell on anyone for any reason.

A piece of paper, a pen, dill leaves, oregano, your cell phone/laptop, caraway leaves are required to perform this spell.

Spells That Help
Spells That Help
  • Now, take a piece of paper and write down the initials of the person that you wish will call you or the name of the place if you are expecting a phone call from a job selection.
  • Then, place this piece of paper under your cell phone, or your laptop if you are expecting a job email. 
  • Now, take the herbs and slowly scatter them on the gadget in a clockwise direction.
  • Close your eyes and visualize the person picking up their phone/laptop and calling you or sending you a message/email that you want to receive. Also, don’t forget to think about the details you want in that call/text or email that you are expecting.
  • Think about all of it and focus for a few minutes after which, say the following spell:

Note that you can make amendments in the spell and change the call word to text or mail according to your need.

The spell: “Herbs, Oh Mercury, address to me the call that I wish to receive”

  • Now, leave your phone with the herbs scattered around it while you sleep and give some time to the expected reaction to happen.

And that was one of your spells to get someone to text you. now it’s time to see another helpful spell.

  1. Here is you the next call me spell chant if you are waiting for the call that you aren’t getting.

For this spell, you need to have a piece of paper, blue marker and a pocket size symbolic image of either a butterfly, an airplane, or an angel that will carry your message to the other person.

Coming to the spell!

  • draw the chosen image on the center of the paper with the blue marker, then below the image, write the following words along with the name of the desired person: “I would like to know from you. Please call me” and then sign the letter with your name at the bottom.
  • Now, hold the paper in your hand and say the spell:

“Dear Air Element, I would like (name of person) to call me if he or she wants to. Please help me in sending this message to (name of person) “.

  • Hold the paper in your hand again and close your eyes. Now, visualize the desired person calling you. 
  • Now, pray and ask your guardian angel to send the message to the person after that fold the paper three times and place it under your phone.

Also, in-case you cannot use a cell phone due to whatsoever reason, take a blank paper and write your name in the centre and name of the desired person in the sender’s address area and write a letter to this person asking her or him to contact you.

Remember to place the image of the messenger you have chosen on the paper and fold the letter. Put the letter in an envelope and seal it and don’t open it until you receive your response

Note: Doing this spell during the lunar phase will be most effective.

Below are a few more details that can help you in such cases.

Spilling The Spells

Spilling The Spells
Spilling The Spells

“Spells are just prayers with more steps.”

And when do we need such prayer with more steps? When you truly believe in something and we think it deserves to be in our life.

While keeping that in mind, we are now spilling the beans on how do you spell attention.

To attract someone or the love of your life towards you. to do this spell, these are things you do:

  • collect some fresh rose petals and
  • bring them close to a source of moving water. If you don’t have that, tap water will do just fine.
  • Now, think about the person whose attention you are seeking or if it’s just for your future partner that you haven’t seen yet, just visualize the qualities that you wish he/she must have.
  • After that, focus on your intentions and chant this spell: “Dear the universe, please listen to my wish and send the love of my life to me as I send all rose petals to you.”

While doing the ritual, make sure there is no sign of negativity in your wishes and intentions so that your wish can be granted.

Since you are already here, reader. let us ask you if you know what does my number spell? 

As in your phone number. Have you heard about this trend where you can find out about the hidden meaning of your phone number and then you can decide if you wish to keep it with that hidden message or not?

If you have, then let us know what you find out and how you reacted. Also, dint forgets to try out these spell tricks to make your love life better and more romantic.


It is not a crime to expect a message from your crush or from your dream job. There’s nothing bad to attract people towards you and build relationships that you wanted to have forever.

And when your intentions are positive and your heart is pure and you know some spells that can help you, there’s nothing wrong in making the move and doing too needful to get your desires fulfilled.

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