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Technically not for bodybuilding

 When talking about physical development, there are generally two kinds of people, those that want to gain mass and muscle and those who want to lose weight and excess fat.

While it can be easier to gain muscle mass, the latter might prove to be a bit more difficult. Even athletes and bodybuilders agree that losing weight and excess fat is more difficult as it requires more intense workouts to burn the calories from thanksgiving dinner.

Sometimes, athletes and bodybuilders look for assistance when it comes to cutting. These individuals often turn to performance enhancing substances to help them, usually supplements or steroids.

With steroids being the more obvious choice for those who are looking for faster results. One particular steroid that’s commonly used during cutting phases is Stanozolol, more commonly known as Winstrol or Winnie. It works to increase speed and workout stamina which make it a popular choice for athletes.


Technically not for bodybuilding

This particular steroid isn’t really suited for bodybuilding. The steroid wasn’t designed for bulking or for gaining huge muscle mass. This is why it is more suitable for people who want to cut their weight and get rid of excess fat.

The nature of the steroid being fairly mild also makes it suitable for use by women. In addition, it is quite suitable since there are really no massive gains when using it.

Winstrol has a lot of ergogenic effects which may prove to be helpful during cutting cycles where trainings are intense. Improved strength and stamina will make workouts far easier to do. Not to mention that the drug also has an impressive fat burning effect to one’s body, making it easier for them to lose excess weight.

More into sports

More into sports

Since the steroid isn’t really suitable for bodybuilding and bodybuilders, it is the athletes who get the most out of it. Because of its performance enhancing effects which significantly increase the strength of the athlete, it gives the individual the upper hand against opponents.

Also unlike bodybuilding where the goal is to have the bigger muscles in the bunch, sports and athleticism requires more physical performance. It fits perfectly with what the drug offers.

Also since these athletes do not really need to get very bulky muscles, the gains one gets from Winnie is just enough.

Cut and dry

One thing about Winnie is that it helps get rid of water retention in the body. This translates to a leaner, cut and dry look, which can be perfect for those who don’t want to get massive gains. Of course, it goes without saying that proper diet and exercise go hand in hand with using the drug.

Although Stanozolol is a fairly mild steroid, it is still a steroid. And because of that, there will be side effects to using it. One way to lessen the risk of getting side effects is by taking the drug with the recommended cycle, based on what you need.

This cycle includes proper dosages and length of time to be used. These cycles usually run for a few weeks on end just to help with the weight loss. The drug is usually introduced later on during the last few stages of the cutting phase. To get the desired results that you want, it is ideal to find out the right steroid cycle that will work best for you.

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