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Does P90X Really Work

The difference for me at this stage of having done the P90X routines for the last 3 months is that I’ve learned not to beat myself up for the days that I’m less than stellar. The past is the past, tomorrow is tomorrow. the only thing I can control, is what I do with my life today. Does P90X Really Work

For many of you that might not sound like a big deal, but let me assure you it is. In the past, I would beat myself up for any missteps, and since my past is loaded with plenty of missteps you can imagine how negative my “self-talk” became.

I still have 58 pounds to lose. The cool thing for me is that I KNOW that I will lose it. The other cool thing for me is that I don’t have to get down to 210 lbs. to enjoy the benefits of P90X training.

I’m already enjoying them even though I’m still overweight. I am pain-free in my joints, especially my knees. That’s HUGE!!! Does P90X Really Work

I have gained muscle, especially in my arms. I am noticeably stronger. My resting heart rate is lower than when I started the program. How many 268 lb. guys do you know with a resting heart rate of 58 beats a minute? Not bad, right?

The biggest eye opener for me of how much better shape I’m in was this:

I hadn’t played racquetball in over 3 months because my partner hurt his knee. Usually, after that long of a layoff, the first couple of days back on the court are excruciating.

After a couple of long-drawn-out points, I would be sucking wind so badly I couldn’t breathe. Mike and I played again a few weeks back and I never once was out of breath.

Now some of you might be picturing a couple of old bald fat guys swinging their racquets like Peter Pan. It’s just 1 bald fat guy….me. You may have seen guys dogging it on the court, hitting the ball underhanded as they jog to and fro like a couple of “English gentlemen” in some kind of sick mama’s boy badminton experiment.

That’s not us! We play hard. Mike and I both hit the ball over 160 miles an hour and even though I’m big, I can move pretty quickly. Mike has close to a 48-inch vertical leap and is faster than anyone else I’ve ever played. He played collegiate volleyball, so diving on the floor to keep balls in play is pretty common stuff for him. Does P90X Really Work

I have to hit absolutely perfect shots to beat him, he gets to everything….it’s infuriating! No one should be allowed to be that fast.

In any case, there was an obvious difference in my fitness level when we hit the court for the first time in 3 months. I’m impressed at how much the P90X workouts improved my overall health and fitness levels over that time period.

I did not do this program like some kind of “uber-robot”. In the past 3 months, I have skipped days, I have done 1/2 the workout on some days. Some days I’ve done 2 workouts. I have not been as consistent as I intended to be, and my diet hasn’t always been spectacular, but I’ve experienced plenty of great results from Does P90X Really Work

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