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A rural home doesn’t have to be run down or dependent on old technologies. Refresh your home and enjoy the time you spend there more.

Home improvement guides online can help you install many useful updates that will raise the value of your property. You can easily spruce up your home and reduce your energy costs by installing these four home gadgets.

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Solar panels

If you live in an area that gets consistently high temperatures, your energy bill can go through the roof with AC and fan costs. Staying cool can get very expensive and drain lots of energy, but installing solar panels on your roof will allow you to harness the power of the sun, a renewable resource that can help power your appliances and keep your home cool.

Powerful Wi-Fi router

How is your Wi-Fi connection at home? If you suffer from a poor signal, or you have only a corded connection, consider investing in a newer, robust Wi-Fi router.

Think about the following questions before making your purchase: “How many rooms do I want my Wi-Fi to cover?” and “How many people will be using the Internet at once?” If your home has multiple levels, consider using several Wi-Fi routers to extend your signal.

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Automatic vacuum

Cleaning robots like the Roomba can be great for homeowners, since these gadgets will tidy up your floors by themselves. Sophisticated motion sensors help these vacuums swerve around obstacles and find dust, trash, and other miscellaneous bits.

These machines are even sophisticated enough to detect stairs and other uneven surfaces, so they can avoid falling and breaking. You’ll never have to worry about sweeping or vacuuming before guests come over if you have one of these automatic vacuums around. They also provide an entertaining distraction for small pets to chase.

Motion sensor lights

These lighting solutions are fairly inexpensive and easy to install outside your front door, near an entry gate, and outside a garage. Well-lit environments create safer communities because they deter criminal activity. Property lighting is essential in country residential areas.

If you are at home, motion-sensor lights can serve as an early visual alarm that someone is near your country home without permission. Motion lights are also great for preventing accidents. Install them in outdoor gardens and on staircases so guests can see their surroundings and avoid falling down.

Since these lights only activate when a sensor detects movement, they use minimal amounts of energy.

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