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Hair Growth Spells.

Do you ever fall in love with long and thick hair? I mean, who does not love that kind of hair? Long and thick hairs not only make you beautiful but also make you look attractive. Many of you face the same problem. That Hair Growth Spells issues! Trust me! It’s very frustrating indeed. But here I am again to help you. Of course, I can suggest you the solution. 

Here are some hair growth spells that you will love to try after knowing about them. 

Not only that, in this article, I will show you how you can grow your hairs long and thick with many hair growth spells. Today, I will discuss:

  • Spell for hair growth
  • Hair growth spells that work fast.
  • Long hair spell
  • Spells for hair growth that works.
  • Beautiful long hair spells
  • Spells to make your hair grow longer overnight
  • Prayer for hair growth
  • How do you spell hair? 

So, if you go through the introduction properly, you can see that you get all your hair spells related queries in this one single article. Do read and find out.

Effective Hair Growth Spell
Effective Hair Growth Spell

Here you go.

Effective Hair Growth Spells: Make Your Hair Alluring and Glamorous 

Ever looked at a long, enticing, lovely, and thick hair and thought if you had the same? Yeah! I am very well aware of this pain actually. Every day, a variety of people are facing issues related to hair such as hair fall, short hair, thin and weak hair, etc. You just can’t ignore the issue. Really.

  • Every day, people are crying over the same questions: 
  • My hair has become thin and weak. What should I do?
  • How can I get my hair to fall?

What should I use to make my hair grow? And so on… 

That is why I have made up my mind to give answers to all of their queries in this one single article. Today, I will talk about some effective hair growth spells that will surely make your hair alluring and glamorous

I can tell you that these effective hair growth spells if you cast on your hair together with a healthy beauty routine, will make a huge difference in your hair. You do not have to regret it for the rest of your life. 

You will surely love these spells for hair growth. I swear.

Spell for Hair Growth

Well, let me tell you something before we begin and you continue to read. You have to cast these spells for hair growth yourself and trust me, casting these magical hair growth spells takes a lot of patience and skills.

Therefore I recommend you that do consult an expert and experienced spell caster for the better and sure results.

So here are some spells for the hair growth.

  • Divine Oil for Hair Growth
  • Hair Growth Mask Spell
  • Anubis Hair Growth Spell
  • Flaxseed Hair Growth Spell
  • Yogurt Hair Growth Spell

Always remember the fact that these five spells said above have different ways to grow your hair. You will need some special beauty products too for quick and better results.

Hair Growth Spells that Work Fast

 Here are the 5 hair growth spells that work fast to grow hair and make them lovey and attractive. 

  • Divine Oil for hair growth: this spell allows you to create a special oil for the growth of the hair. This oil will nourish, strengthen and boost the growth of the hair all in one.
Spells that Work Fast
Spells that Work Fast

Things you need for this spell:

  • A comb
  • A pink colored candle
  • Divine Oil or extra virgin olive oil
  • Incense of Venus
  • Lemon juice
  • Three tablespoons of flaxseed Oil
  • A pinch of ginseng
  • An egg yolk
  • Plastic wrap
  • Natural shampoo
  • Natural balm
  • Three liters of rainwater.

The method:

  • Light the candle after greasing it with oil and burn the incense.
  • Mix the lemon juice, linseed oil, yolk, and ginseng and pour it into a bowl. Pound them until you make the potion. 
  • When the time of Venus approaches, say the spell:

“Witch potion for wonderful hair

  • Adorns my hair
  • Make them thicker

And let them shine in the sunlight.”

  • Apply the potion on the hair and wrap it with a plastic cover and let them rest.
  • Go in the sun.
  • You can see a tingling sensation in the hair.
  • After an hour, wash the hair with a natural shampoo and conditioner and rinse everything with rainwater.
  • Make the hair dry and see the improvement.
  • Hair Growth Mask Spell: The fastest hair growth spell you can use. 

Things you need:

  • Natural shampoo
  • Natural balm
  • A lock of your hair
  • A lock of long hair
  • Egg yolk
  • Coconut oil
  • A brilliant for the hair

The method:

  • Prepare a potion of egg yolk mixed with coconut oil and apply all over the wet hair.
  • Leave it for one hour.
  • Wash it off and then apply a natural shampoo and say the spell with full commitment and energy:
Anubis hair growth spell:
Anubis hair growth spell:

The Goddess of beauty

Bring me luck!

That my hair

Can transform themselves, 

And become

Fluid and smooth like silk

As strong and thick as a lion’s mane.

May they grow healthy and strong

Shiny and beautiful!

  • Dry the hair.

You can see the difference.

  • Anubis hair growth spell: let the god Anubis craft your hair and support the hair growth. 

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Things you need:

  • One tuft of your own hair
  • One paper envelop
  • Five red rose petals

The method:

  • Choose the day of full moon.
  • Remove a little strand of your hair.
  • Place it in the envelope and add five rose petals. Then close it tightly.
  • Put the envelop to an outdoor place from where you can see the moon.
  • Now shut the eyes and breathe slowly. Keep the mind relax for about20 seconds. Imagine your hair growth.
  • Recite:

Oh powerful god Anubis, I have lost my connection with you. I have broken my agreement with spirits, so my hair has stopped growing.

Therefore today I show myself to you with all respect.

I beg you to help me today under the light of this immense full moon, I pray that you return the life that my hair needs.

I promise you that I’ll conserve my energy and love my own being.

I promise to take the reins of my destiny well and I promise to control my mind and dominate my body.

Once again I promise you an eternal smile.

Oh Mighty god Anubis! Help me that the right combination are attracted to me. Help me that the wisdom of mine is activated again, and above all make my hair grow vigorously.

  • Now remove the petals and throw them into the wind.
  • Flaxseed Hair Growth Spell: this spell majorly prevents the hair fall. 

Things you need:

  • One egg
  • One tablespoon of flaxseed oil
  • Little lemon juice
  • One bit of coriander
  • one tablespoon of lavender oil
  • one glass container
  • rainwater

The method:

  • Wash your hair well with a natural shampoo.
  • Massage the scalp with fingertips and comb the hair hundred times.
  • Light the candle after placing it on a plate on the table.
  • Pour egg, the linseed oil, lemon juice, coriander, lavender oil and mix them well.
  • Put a plastic bag on the hair and leave it for 1 hour.
  • Wash it again with natural shampoo and rain water.
  • Yogurt Hair Growth Spell: A brilliant spell for hair growth. It’s a combination of natural elements and prayers.
Long Hair Spell
Long Hair Spell  

     Things you need:

  • A white candle
  • One tablespoon of sunflower oil or saffron
  • One lock of your hair
  • A melon  
  • one glass bawl

The method:

  • Light the candle with matches. Avoid using lighter.
  • Take a melon and scoop it out four times from the center, put them in a bowl.
  • And the strand of the hair and crush them by reciting:

Decorate my beautiful hair with your powerful splendor, bring the exquisite flow of a natural river.

  • Put the saffron oil in the bowl. 
  • Mix them while reciting:

May the natural energy flow within my hair, let my hair rejuvenate, may the hair shine.

  • Add yogurt and mix again. Place this mask on your scalp. 
  • If you’re done, recite:

My intention is pure and let my hair grow strongly and beautifully. So be it. 

  • Cover the hair with a towel and relax for 15 minutes.
  • Wash the hair with a natural shampoo.

Long Hair Spell  

To look youthful and attractive, long hair is a must.

Here the long hair spell for you. 

Give a gentle stroke to your hair, feeling it grow longer with each stroke while you are reciting this:

My hair shall grow like finest weeds

My energy will serve as little seeds

It will grow longer for all to see

To my tail-bone it shall grow for me

This is my will, so mote it be.

Spells for Hair Growth that Works

Here are the spells for hair growth that work so fast.

  • Divine Oil for Hair Growth
  • Hair Growth Mask Spell
  • Anubis Hair Growth Spell
  • Flaxseed Hair Growth Spell
  • Yogurt Hair Growth Spell

Beautiful Long Hair Spells

Look and find this spell for beautiful long hair.

What you need:

  • White candle
  • Red and white roses
  • Paper and pencil
  • Cinnamon and sugar
  • Water in a bowl

How it is done:

  • Light the candle
  • Gather the red and white roses and place them in a bowl to mix.
  • Place the bowl next to candle.
  • Draw a pentagram curved on the candle that points to the heaven.
  • Write your name and the wish for long hair on the paper and fold it. Keep it in the bowl.
  • Let it wet in the water for about an hour.

Spells to Make your Hair Grow Longer Overnight

Actually there are two spells to make you hair grow longer overnight. They are:

  • Flaxseed Hair Growth Spell
  • Yogurt Hair Growth Spell

I have already discussed the process of these two spells above. Go through the article carefully.  

Prayer for Hair Growth

Well, there are several prayers for hair growth. Here is one for you. 

Please give me the strength and discipline to eat healthier, and exercise regularly. Give me the power to make changes in my life that I may live long and healthy. 

There are also some prayers in the spells mentioned above for the hair growth. 

How do you spell hair?
How do you spell hair?

How do you spell hair?

You can spell your hair yourself with the 5 magical hair growth spell by yourself. But I always suggest you that do consult an expert spell caster for the hair growth and act according to his or her instructions.


  1. What is a hair growth spell?

A hair growth spell is the combination of the power of natural ingredients and magic in order to craft an easy way to improve hair growth.  

  1. What does a hair growth spell do?

A hair growth spell allows you to take care of your hair in the most natural way. It includes the power of magic and natural ingredients. 

  1. What are the natural hair products can use with the spells?

Well, you can use the natural hair products while doing the hair growth spell. You can use them after the spell you cast. They are natural shampoo and natural conditioner. You should use the chemical free products for better results.

  1. Which god should I pray to for hair growth?

You can pray to Jupiter for your hair growth. He is the one who is responsible for hair growth. You can pray to Egyptian god Anubis too with a special magic spell.

  1. Which planet is the responsible one for hair growth?

   Venus is eventually responsible for a good hair growth among all the         planets. Saturn, in another hand responsible for hair loss.

Make your hair shine with the spells

If you have gone through the article minutely, you are now well aware of the 5 spells for hair growth. You should also be committed and stick to the rituals that are mentioned here. All you’ve to do is be patient.

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