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Since historical times, lemon spell work have been seen as a sanctified fruit, for their extraordinary healing excellence, and above all, energetic qualities.

Lemons are used to preserving, purify, protect and drives away evil spirits. It is also a gifted thermometer to inspect negative energy and activity.

The lemon has 2 natural confederates, water, and the moon. Every spell made with lemons must be incorporated with water and spend at least one night uncovered. Also, Read Spell To Make Someone Love you Deeply


How Do You Spell Lemon?

If you fear that someone in our household is the victim of black magic, or is being influenced by an obsessing dark spirit, you must put on a white plate with 3 lemons cut in half with a little sugar, just under the bed where the person sleeps.

If two people sleep in the same bed, you must place the lemon on a piece of paper with the name and surname of the person whose life energy we want to figure. Remember, only one name per spell.

Now, you have to put a little plate with water right beside him. If the lemons darken quickly, it means they are absorbing negative energy which indicates something wrong is happening in your house. Afterward, throw away those lemons outside of our house and clean the affected person by burning sage in his room for 3 days straight.

For 3 days, pass the burning sage from head to toe of the affected person. This way the room will be cleansed bypassing the smoke in every corner, walls, windows, and doors.

After 3 days remake the spell with the lemons exactly as explained above. If they darken quickly again, immediately seek professional help.

The Various Ways Of Using Lemon Spell:

By this time, you’ve already understood that lemon isn’t just fruit but it has many purposes to deliver. We are going to discuss in detail, how many purposes do the lemon spell provides. Also, Read Dream Of fire

  • Keeps Enemies Away: Even in the current time, lemon spells are used by certain people and mainly in rural areas to keep the enemies away. In order to provide security to the family, people in underdeveloped areas use lemon spells for enemies. Also, some people use it for dark magic or things like that. That is very dangerous. 
  • Strengths Romantic Relationship: Again for this kind of purpose lemon spells are used. In rural areas mostly young men and women prefer using such kinds of spells to get their desired person. By any chance, the person denies their proposal, these people like to captivate them with a lemon love spell. No one knows how strongly this spell works, but it has a pretty constant use in village areas.
  • Breaks Up Relationships: Mainly for these three purposes, lemon spells are used widely. People tend to seek help from the people who use spells or white and black magic for a deed. The lemon spell to break up a relationship is used to separate people. 

A spell is the result of any intentional motive that is made powerful by belief and rituals, which is performed to achieve a particular conclusion. Spells come in several forms and there are many paths to accomplishing them. 


The energy of lemon is all about transparency, cleanliness, love, and glimmer. We can elicit this in many different ways, and they are:

  • Bowl Of Lemons– A magical energy fountain. Real lemons, just put a nice bowl on a table or sideboard with fresh lemons. A fountain of positive energy that will illuminate not just this room but way beyond it. Lemons are inexpensive. Hence, you can replace them often. Afterward, thank the lemons when they have done the deed and throw them into nature for the creatures to appreciate if you can. Lemons and lemon spells are so simple yet so powerful.
  • Silvia’s Magic Lemon Tree– Painting your own lemon energy abstract and slinging it on the wall is one great energy magic practice that brings light and freshness for your family.
  • A Magic Splash Of Lemon Yellow In Your Home Lemon Colours and lemon spells also, help bring the glow to a household. Cushions, scarves, lemon yellow teacups, vases or other objects strategically placed also bring lemon magic into your home.

Also, spraying the rooms with water with lemon helps break anxieties and discussions and attracts prayers to its inhabitants.

The best way to do is to wash the lemons before use, squeeze and scratch a little lemon rind. Then mix the juice and rind in a bowl. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes with a red candle, praying to St. Michael the Archangel to bless and activate the water to destroy all evil spells. Leave the bucket covered, outside your house for one night. 

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