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Protection- spells- against- negative- energy

Protection spell against negative people spell is a white magic Protection spells that will assist to defend you against negative persons. It will protect you from all negative actions against you: jealousy, rumor, oral attacks, and even sorcery. Most vitally, it will defend you against supernatural vampires who can exactly suck the life-energy out of you.


If you have the emotion that at several times in your life, things are not good, where there were before no issues, then it is expected that you have become the mark of hateful people. In these situations, it is not much about being attacked by black magic but about the negative feelings of others such as jealousy, hatred, envy, which can challenge us just as much as black magic can. Also, read Dream of fire

Maybe it is reassuring to know that these energies can be forwarded to their original foundation. But at the time being, you will have to defend yourself to put off things from getting inferior.

You require for protection spells against negative energy:

Protection -spells -against -negative- energy
  • A white blanket
  • A censer
  • A solid black candle
  • A solid white candle
  • Charcoal
  • Magic oil, protection oil, protection
  • Protecting and blessed incense
  • Decorations for your altar like white flowers or white stars (if possible)
  • Put on the altar things that symbolize protection

Good time

The first time you perform this practice should be throughout a waxing moon on Monday, day of the moon, at a time specified as below, or at the same time you think about it essential. The best time to perform this magic is 12-1 a.m., 7-8 a.m., 2-3 p.m., 9-10 p.m.

Ritual instructions

1. Preparation

 The first and foremost thing you should do is make an altar if you do not previously have a gap in your home booked for an altar. Put a white blanket on your altar, as white is the colour of the moon. You must put on a white coat if possible.


Beautify your altar with white flowers, including flowers Jasmin, which should be dried, and with white stones such as moonstones obviously and other things which you relate with the moon and with protection.

Place a container packed with salt on the altar to show the component earth. The censer packed with charcoal and incense shows the constituent air. Your altar candles show the element fire. And the chalice packed with water obviously shows the element water. Now all the components are shown on the altar.

This is significant so that when called in the ring, the components have a home, hence to talk. The idea of the rite is to represent the lighting up of the white candle, which will be light by the ritual candle and extinguish after the ritual candle in the last part of the ritual.

You should make use of a candle snuffer or two dampened fingers to extinguish the candles. You should never gust out the candles because it will mean that the good spirits assembled around the candle will be surprised by the act of blowing out the candle and will vanish. 

And with every rite, we are dependent on the assistance of the good spirits. Furthermore, to the white altar candle, you require a black candle, which will pull all negative energy towards it and remove it with the protection spells from enemies.

Protection- spells -against- negative- energy
Protection- spells -against- negative- energy

Also, make use of an extensive, sharp object to engrave your name on the black candle. Now take the black candle and stroke it with the safety oil. Set some of the oil on your index fingers, increase it with your thumbs and run your thumb and guide finger over the candle.

Begin from the middle of the candle towards the wick (only in one direction) continue three times, and then begin from the middle towards the foundation of the candle, yet again three times and only in one course. Altogether, you must say:

 “In the name of the moon, the protective, protection force, I stroke you with oil to protect against all negative energy.”

 Light the (white) altar candle; so, make use of it to light the black candle. Now light the charcoal and put it in the center, which must be fireproof.

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