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Magical baths are popularly known as a technique in the sorcery of different traditions for purifying a client or for self-purification. The ritual bath is a bath taken in order to fulfill some spiritual purpose.

The different types of purposes can be to heal your heart, to cleanse your aura and to draw money into your life. Water is renewing, refreshing, and healing, and when we add things to the water, its magical power boosts up.

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Spiritual cleansing is considered as important as physical cleansing. Spiritual bathing is a time-honored ritual that has been passed down from generation to generation. It is one of the oldest tradition that was followed by all the communities and religions.

Different sorts of herbs and ingredients are used to prepare these special magic baths. For example, if you want success in life or remove negativity from your life, then you need different herbs for both purposes. 

In Islam, it is mandatory to wash the face, arms, neck, and feet before the purification prayer. In India, there is an event known as Naimittika, which includes millions of participants. The purpose of this event is to take a spiritual bath in the water bodies like Ganga and Yamuna for a particular deity.  

However, as the people are moving forward, they are leaving behind these old rituals. But these ritual baths are still prevalent by incorporating modern techniques to it, by using different herbs and revolutionizing it completely. 


Herbal baths are very famous in the tradition of spiritual bathing. A hot magic bath that contains calming herbs is a great way to luxuriate yourself. Bringing good and comfort to you, these baths can also be sometimes harmful to your system if you take it more than once in a week. This is because it may weaken your system. 

When it comes to taking a hot spiritual bath, adding different herbs is a great idea. It is believed that the herbs have been used in spiritual baths even since these baths existed. There are different ways in which you can take an herbal bath.

You can take a handful of herbs and directly throw it in a hot bathtub, while another method is to brew some herbal tea in a container or pot and add that tea into your bathing water. You can also buy readymade herbal bags and use them by directly throwing them into your bathwater. 


One must choose herbs that do not only contain beautiful fragrance but also have some medicinal effects in it. Choose your bath herbs according to your needs. One can use a variety of herbs and flowers such as dandelion flowers, lavender, jasmine, chamomile, eucalyptus, grated ginger, mint, rosemary, orange blossom, parsley, and rose petals in his magic bathing water.

These herbs also offer a number of benefits, like relief from pain, enhancement in the flow of blood, calm the nerves, renew the skin, relief from sore muscles, and also helps in improving your mood. 


The ritual bath is something that is special because of the thought and the efforts you have put in. There are so many ways in which you can take ritual baths, including dimming the lights and lightening the candles.


You can also play relaxing music that can totally match your intentions. Epsom salts are very popular for providing extra purifying effects in the magic baths. The other magical ingredients are milk, essential oils, and dried fruits. 


There are different spiritual bath recipes such as spiritual baths for love, spiritual baths for money, Spiritual baths for good luck, etc. Let us check out the recipes for a few of them. 


Ingredients required: A clean bathtub, a green candle, A quiet atmosphere, moss agate ( 4 pieces) and a handful of mint leaves. 


Below are the instructions that you can follow to take spiritual baths for money:

  1. Get your bathtub ready with hot water in it.
  2. Light the green candle and place it near your hot bathtub.
  3. Turn off all the lights and get ready into a relaxing state of mind.
  4. Now add mint leaves in your bathtub.
  5. Place the pieces of moss agate in the north, south, east and west direction of your bathtub.
  6. Now its time for you to get into your bathtub. Visualize the mint leaves as dollars and the moss agate pieces glowing bright green just like money. 
  7. Now you can visualize yourself taking a bath in a tub of free cash. Wash yourself starting from your feet towards your head. This will help in drawing money towards you rather than washing it away.
  8. When you are done with your bath, get out of the water and let yourself to drip dry. This will allow the magical powers to get soak in your skin and aura. 
  9. Now its time to thank the universe and the gods. After that snuff out the candles.
  10. Gather all the moss agate pieces and mint leaves. You should carry these in your purse or wallet. 


While the love spells seem to be very controversial, a spiritual bath is a good way to draw love in your life which is free of messing with another’s will. Below is given our favorite recipe for a magical love bath which is to be done on the full moon. 


Ingredients: A neat and clean bathtub, a handful of rose petals, red or pink candles, a handful of lavender, one cup of full moon water ( this is the water that is charged by the full moonlight), four pieces of rose quartz, and two tablespoons of Himalayan pink salt. 

Follow the below instructions in order to take your love magic bath properly:

  1. Get ready your bathtub with hot water in it.
  2. Light your pink or red candle and place it close to your bathtub. 
  3. Turn off all the lights and bring your mind in some relaxed mode. 
  4. Add all the ingredients such as lavender, rose petals, pink salt, and a cup of full moon water into your magic bath.
  5. Take your rose quartz pieces and place them in the north, south, east and west direction of your bathtub.  
  6. Now its time for you to get inside your magical bathtub. Visualize all the rose petals and lavenders as small hearts around you in your bathtub. The rose quartz also seems to be glowing bright pink that brings loving vibrations from the universe. 
  7. Imagine yourself taking a bath in a tub that is full of romantic love. Wash yourself starting from your feet towards your head. This will bring love towards you instead of washing it away from you. 
  8. After you are done with your bath, get out of the water and let yourself drip dry. This will allow all the magical powers of a love bath to get soaked into your skin and aura.
  9. Its time to thank the universe and the gods. Now snuff out the candles. 
  10. Now, gather all the lavender, rose petals and rose quartz in some small bag and hang it on the door of your bedroom. 

There are a lot of other different spiritual baths too, that we need to discuss. All the baths have been known for their own different effects. So let us quickly review all these types:

SPIRITUAL BATHS TO REMOVE NEGATIVITY: Having your aura cleansed is as necessary as cleansing your body. In your day to day life, you come in contact with many people that leaves behind some impact. These impacts can be in the form of positive vibes as well as negative vibes. So, in order to free yourself from the negativity, we have a suggestion of different sorts of baths for you. 

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  • Apple cider vinegar bath: Apple cider vinegar is known as a treatment for many problems. It is also used as a great aura cleanser. All you need to do is to add a few drops of apple cider vinegar in your regular bathing water. This will make your body feel amazing and will help in your spiritual cleansing. While taking such a bath, you must keep all the negative thoughts out of your mind. Try to focus on the positive vibes in your life. Soak yourself for as much as you can and then use a towel to dry down yourself. 
  • Saltwater bath: If you want to have this bath, then you have to take out at least one hour. Light some candles in your bath area and play some soft music. Fill your bathtub with warm water and try to make sure that it is not too hot. Add 2 or 3 handfuls of salt into your bathtub and stir well. Make sure that you use refined salt. Soak yourself in this water for at least 20 to 30 minutes, trying to release all the negativity in that water. After this, dry yourself with a towel and try not to take another shower for at least the next 24 hours. 
  • Bath with baking soda: For releasing the negative energy and soaking the positive ones, baking soda has been proven a very beneficial ingredient. Add a cup full of baking soda in your hot water bathtub. Now soak yourself in this water and start saying prayers. Visualize that all the negativity is being released down from your shoulders and in draining away. This will help you to exfoliate your skin and makes your skin soft. Stay in that water for as long as you can and then dry yourself down in a towel.  

Spiritual baths have been used for centuries in order to have an overall improvement in your life. It does not only cleanse your body but also help in cleansing your aura. That is why after getting a spiritual bath you feel extremely light and at peace. 


However, if this bath is taken on a regular basis it can be a little dangerous. One should never take this bath more than once a week. To be on the safer side consult your physicist if you have any kind of heart problem before taking these hot spiritual baths. 

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