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Vampire Spells That Work For Real

Vampires have been always a topic of interest or fear or fanaticism. The debate on this matter has started far away in the past and will stay as long as our imaginations are alive.

This annoying creature hunts for human blood or other animal’s blood. There are a lot of stories on this topic but today we are going to talk about the spells of vampires. 

Here comes another interesting and fearing subject for all who loves to research magic and fairytales. 

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Vampire Spells That Work For Real

The main topic will be vampire spells that work for real. We have done research over the internet and surveyed some real peoples who believe in this subject. After the whole process, we have got some interesting information about different kinds of vampires and spells. Spells to be a vampire and spells to save us from vampires. 

We are sharing brief details and the most interesting information regarding vampire spells and vampires as well.

Let’s start.

Vampire Spells : 

What is a spell and What is a vampire spell ?? Let’s clear up these two questions first. A spell is something that is done with few rituals and chants to heal, protect, save some-one or control or harm someone. It can be put in ourselves as well as on others.

Though there are a lot of debates regarding if they work or not but here we are imagining they work with the information. It’s upon you to believe these or not.  

Vampire Spells That Work For Real
Vampire Spells That Work For Real

(Note: these are all information we haven’t tried these)

A vampire spell is something that is either used to protect someone from vampires or spells to become a vampire in real life as per our research. We are sharing both stuff here.

Spells to protect us from vampires :

There are a lot of spells we will find on the internet or in folk-lores. The most popular of them is written in the “Bible” and that is “the Holy Water”, “The Holy cross” or “ The holy bible” itself. It’s a belief among people that any religious thing can save them from any bad or negative circumstances.

There are stories where the author said that a vampire comes and haunts at night to suck blood from people and at last the “holy water” or spreading the “holy water” saves them from the vampire.

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There are also stories like hitting the vampire with a “holy cross” that killed the vampire and saved everyone. Also, we can find stories like vampires running away after seeing “the holy bible” with the person who was the target of the vampire. 

Usually, people believe that the bodies of a dead person come back to haunt people and suck blood from them so burning up the dead body or potting soil in the mouth of a dead body and spreading “holy water” around the grave are the most known rituals and remedies as well according to history and stories.

There also some kinds of herbs and the roots of several trees are believed to have the potential to protect us from vampires. Also, people believe that wearing “holy cross lockets” or wearing something related to religion may help to protect them from vampires. 

There are also believers like there are psychic vampires who don’t suck blood but they suck our happiness and positive energies instead. You’re getting it right something like “the Harry Potter” stories but these are not flying spirits but humans only.

Have you ever felt like emotionally and energetically drained after meeting or spending a lot of time with someone?  Like you feel very low or down after the meet and from the very next day you guys had a party or hung out.

Vampire Spells That Work For Real
Vampire Spells That Work For Real

Believers say that these kinds of people with psychic abilities suck our happiness because they don’t have the source of happiness within them.

They use to blame others and put everyone down and extract happiness from the victims. Reportedly they use some weird vampire spells and psychic techniques to suck the happiness from others. 

Vampire Spells That Work For Real

There are few ways to prevent psychic vampires like lighting two white candles in the room and praying for positive vibes for something and meditating or you can have a long shower to get some positivity if you are feeling emotionally and energetically drained. 

Though there are a bunch of preventive spells around the internet, these are the most common amongst all.

Spells to become a vampire : 

Like some people want to protect themself from vampires but there are also people like who want to be a vampire. Yes, we are gonna share those pieces of information here as well. Though there is very little information regarding this, this is interesting. 

(note: all these pieces of information are collected and we haven’t tried this at home, school, office and anywhere else. We don’t know if these methods work or not.) 

People want to be a vampire because they believe that vampires have supernatural or superhuman abilities like running at high-speed 70miles per hour or jumping at huge distances as we have seen in the famous Hollywood movie “ Twilight”. So there are pieces of information about how to become a vampire spell and spells to become a vampire that works as well. 

The spell and process : 

We are sharing the most common vampire spell among the “Twilight” lovers. People who really wanna be vampires overnight and jump and run like the characters of the movie. In this paragraph, you will know spells to become a vampire in real life.

We need 3 black candles, an empty room, a piece of red cloth and a necklace and we need to chant a specific mantra at the night time only and all alone. 

So the Mantra is “ Oh my Lord make me a vampire. Oh my lord don’t let me harm any innocent being after being a vampire. Oh my lord make me a vampire, vampire, vampire ! “ and you need to chant this mantra 7 times in a row.

Reportedly you’ll become a vampire from the very next day. You might be able to run at a speed of 70miles per hour, or to jump over or fly in the sky or maybe you can control other people’s minds. The color of your eyes might change or you will get a little long fang that you have never had. This is a spell to become a vampire instantly.


There’s all the most interesting and famous pieces of information about vampire spells that work for real or don’t work. We hope you liked it. Have a great day !! 

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