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The world is filled with magic. You can see for yourself if you learn to be open to the possibility and actively look for it.

Believing in the power and wonder of magic can be life-changing and open so many doors to new aspects of life. If you have been lacking in excitement and joy lately, or you just want to discover how to recognize the magic that is all around you, then check out these tips for opening yourself up and training yourself to see what is right in front of you.

Set the Scene

So many people in this world dismiss magic and spirits as nonsense. They are closed off to the idea so much that it can become an ingrained trait to refuse to see something obvious or be afraid to even look for it at all. If you grew up with people who didn’t believe and need to overcome this obstacle, or just want some extra help to boost your receptiveness, then setting the scene can help you quite a bit.

Light some candles for ambiance and burn some incense or sage to cleanse and purify the space. If you are trying to communicate with spirits, it is helpful to ground your energy, cast a protective circle, and state your intention that only benevolent spirits that have your highest good in mind are welcome into your space.

As you practice, you will start to be drawn to certain practices and rituals. Go with what feels best for you. The more comfortable you are, the greater your chances of connecting meaningfully with the spirit world and noticing the signs and messages that you are being sent. 

Free Your Mind

Your mind can get in the way of the experiences you have with magic if you aren’t in the correct mindset. Try meditating for a few minutes before you reach out to the spirits so you free your mind of negativity and limiting thoughts. 

If you are nervous or stressed, then taking something like CBD oil to combat your anxiety and help you to relax will put you in a more receptive frame of mind. It’s helpful if you can approach your work in the realm of magic and spirituality from the perspective of joy and excitement. 

Pay Attention

Sometimes you are so focused on the details of work and the responsibilities of daily life, that you miss the signs that are right in front of you. Train yourself to pay closer attention to your surroundings and to be present at the moment.

You may start to notice small signs like objects going missing or being moved to a different location. This could be the Fae that is trying to capture your notice. Other common signs of spirits and entities in your space are lights and orbs or noticing oddly shaped shadows or synchronicities like seeing the same repeated number over and over. Your guides may also try to communicate with you through your dreams. If you are unsure when any of these messages and signs mean, then keep a journal and look up the meaning of certain numbers and the themes of your dreams. 


When you start to notice a shift in your perspective and feel you are ready for more, then you could try your hand at some candle magic spells. These are a great way to focus your intentions and get signs and advice from the spirits.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can always call on your spirits and guides. Ask them specific questions and request a sign or message to help you on your path. They are there for you at any time and most are just waiting for you to accept their presence in your life.

If using a tool helps you, try deep meditation or hypnosis when you speak with your spirit guides. When you have a specific question, tarot cards or a dowsing pendulum are excellent options for some quick advice.

When you are working with magic and the spirits, always be respectful. Have good intentions and do work that will help you improve your life for the highest good. When your motives are sincere, your connection to spirit will grow and you’ll start to notice its presence in your daily life. 

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