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White Candle Spells

“Magic is all around. You just have to believe it.”

You must have seen some witchy woes using candles in movies and series to do magic. But what’s so special about candles that makes them an integral part of performing a spell?

Does this power really exist? Can candles be used practically to release energy or promote some kind of vibes? What is the significance of a white candle for spells, magic, and spiritual connections?

We have got something to share with you on white magic and white candle spells. Would you like to know more about it? Does this topic excite and inspire you? Then call out the witch in you and start reading below.

White Candle Spells
White Candle Spells

The Candle Connection

“Words are spells! Go weave magic.”

Since we are here discovering the candle connection t the spells and learn how a candle is used in it, we must tell you that it’s not only about the candle or its color! It is also about the fire that burns with the help of the candle.

The fire element!

Candles can release energy that they draw form fire. And fire is necessary for spells because it represents transformation or it is one of the major sources of transformation.

Tell us quickly of you know what is white magic? To define white magic in simpler terms, it is the form of magic that is used for positivity, pure intentions and good purposes. Nice, isn’t it?

Do you exactly know what does a white candle mean? A white candle is believed to promote serenity and overall peace and enhances personal strength and insight to the one seeking it.

But if you look deep into it, if you try to discover the true value of white color, you will know that the white candle’s spiritual meaning is all about healing. An emotional, mental, or psychological healing. A healing that can only be felt and not seen. The healing needs something more than medicines and medical treatment.

And that is why we have a white candle with us to do the spell. Here is the Burning white candles meaning for you:

White candles are burnet for so many reasons.

  1. To achieve new energies and getting rid of the old ones.
  2. For fresh and happy beginnings.
  3. To attract purity and spiritual cleaning.
  4. To connect with spirits and mourn the departed souls.
  5. White color is seen as a blank slate on which anything new can be written and manifested, so white candles are lit when starting something new like a business or a relationship.
White Candle Spells
White Candle Spells

Sprinkling Spells

“I put a spell on you because you are mine.”

You must put a spell on everything that belongs to you, and for that you have to see our spell dictionary below.

Here are some White magic spells ideas for you:

White candle protection spell

An easy, useful and effective spell. Just light an incense and a white candle in a dark room and sit in front of it. observe the light and closely and say ‘oh goddess, protect me as I sleep and eat, as I play and breathe.

Help me to smile always and stay safe protect me from harm and fear, keep me safe in your loving light and hold me close. I trust you, goddess, thank you for helping and protecting me always.

White candle love spells

Here is a Candle Ritual to Attract Love for you:

  • Take a white seven-day candle, a lighter, some cinnamon, rose petals, and honey.
  • A bowl of water for the candle to sit in a sheet of paper and a pen.
  • Now, make sure you are in a good mood before starting with the ritual. Next, write out your desires or intentions for love and fold that paper toward you until it’s flat enough to sit under the candle.
  • Then sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon and dried petals on top of the candle and one or two dollops of honey in the candle while thinking about your desired intentions.
  • Now, take the bowl and fill it with water so that it can cover the bottom of the candle completely, and place your intentions paper under the bowl. Set the candle in the water and light it.
  • Place it somewhere it can remain undisturbed and then ask your guide and angle to help and manifest your intention of attracting love into your life.


  1. You can relight the candle.
  2. You can discard the candle once it’s burned out.
  3. You can leave your intentions paper or keep it somewhere safe.

And now you are all set to do some positive and useful white magic and candle spells.

White Candle
White Candle


Just like there’s black magic, bad vibes, negative energy and dark things in the world, there’s white magic, good vibes, positive energy and bright things too. And to get rid of the bad ones, you need the light in your life.

Just know your intentions, have a positive mindset and understand how you can do some spells to bring abundance of positivity and fulfilment in your life.

Also, there’s no harm in doing a candle spell on your loved ones to keep them in your life.

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