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WP Ads Adder Plugin For WordPress

Ads inside posts always perform best, and every WordPress lover knows it very well. Unarguably, I can say that if you want to get more CTR or exposure for your text ads, add them inside your articles. An ad inside your articles/posts always gets more attention from visitors.

It also boosts your CTR rates, because of more ad views. There are lots of popular ways to add ads inside your WordPress posts like installing Plugins; you can also do it manually. Running a plugin is the best and safest way for adding affiliates or AdSense ads inside your posts.

There are lots of Plugins available at WordPress Plugins Gallery but I found most of them useless to me, some create extra tables for your database while others have complexity and don’t suites my needs. Finally, I decided to write my own plugin, and here is, WP Ads Adder.

WP Ads Adder

WP Ads Adder is the simplest but excellent plugin for all types of WordPress sites; it powers your WordPress post editor with a TinyMCE button that allows you to add all types of ads or affiliate codes or banners inside your Posts.

It doesn’t matter where you want to show your ads, WP Adds Adder gives you the facility to set them all, it means you can set ad alignments and positions manually and can set different positions for every different ad slots.

  • Plugin Name: WP Ads Adder
  • Version: 1.0
  • Author: Deepak Singh
  • Supports:  up to 3.4.1 (WordPress version)
  • Requires: Above 3.0 (WordPress version)
  • Release Date: July 19, 2012

It allows you to set the position of each ad manually while writing your posts, which means you can adjust your ads with your post contents manually to make them more attractive and useful. By running this plugin you can add ads in the following way.

  • Below Post Title
  • After Posts
  • Inside Posts
  • In HTML Tables
  • Aside Images
  • Along with Paragraph Tags
  • In Blockquotes

WP Ads Adder is a lightweight plugin and doesn’t create any database table for adding ads, It’s a free plugin and comes with a beautiful and simple admin setting page, where you can set ads for ad slots. With the WP Ads Adder 1.0, you can add two ad slots. See the screenshot below.

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WP-Ads-Adder: TinyMCE Button

Installation of this plugin is extremely simple, just download WP Ads Adder and install it like any other WordPress plugin. After Installing set Ads scripts or codes for both the ad slots and save. After that, you can add ads in your posts via your post editor and at the same time while writing your posts with custom alignment and position options. It will add a shortcode to your post and it will be changed with a respected ad slot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although it’s a very simple plugin there could raise some questions in your mind, some most common questions are suggestions and solutions.

1. Can I add multiple Ad Slots in a single Post?

Yes, if your ad network allows you to add multiple ad slots in a single page you can, Some Ads network like Google Adsense doesn’t allow more than 3 content ad slots on a single page.

2. Can I add same ad Slot multiple times in a single post?

WP Ads Adder comes with Two Ad Slot Option, Ad Slot-1, and Ad Slot-2 and you can add them as many times as you want in a single article.

3. Its showing Installation Error?

Before releasing it for public use I was checked its compatibility with dozens of theme frameworks and hundreds of general Plugins, and not found any error, but it’s possible there might be some other plugin is conflicting with WP Ads Adder. Try reinstalling WP Ads Adder, If still the same problem exists let me know (drop your comments).

4. Does It ads extra load on my servers?

WP Ads Adder Plugin is very lightweight (16 kb) plugin and don’t add extra load on your server.

5. Can I add my Affiliate Banner codes as well?

WP Ads Adder, allows you to add any kind of ad Script in your post you can add almost all kind of ads or banners or links or rich media ads.

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