is an online literary magazine which relates to black magic and its spells. The main aim of our website is to conserve the high journalistic levels to provide users with distinctive and quality articles and related news to the readers. 

We provide a platform to the writers, if they understand our policies. We trust that inside every reader lies a writer, and we offer that inside writers a chance to come forward and write for themselves. Therefore, we provide you with the opportunity to write for us and get paid

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What do we look for?

We are looking for all sorts of writers who can write literary content for us. We want to hear your viewpoints on various topics and genres happening around us. We look for the creativity you apply to customize the news in the best possible manner. We look for passionate writers who can provide the best SEO write for us. 

Before starting, have a look at our website and see the kind of blogs there to get a brief idea of what you need to write. Having a look at the site will also give you the idea of what not to cast as we are not at all looking to replicate the themes and articles, which we have already published in the past few months. 

Always make sure that your idea of writing is well conceptual and researched, and above everything, it should be authentic. Moreover, we expect all the articles to be 100% original,  and can easily clear the copyspace and other plagiarism checks. 

There are particular blog post guidelines which should be taken care of are as follows:

  • An initial summary of about 50 words should be provided to catch the actual interest of the readers. 
  • There should always be three preferred titles for your article you write. 
  • Tell a little about yourself, and we don’t want any of your resumes. Who wants to know how you are as a person. Moreover, send all your information with your work in a Word file.

Some powerful features you can use to attract readers:

  • Always use personalized designs for your content.
  • Make your article SEO friendly always.
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Always keep in mind the following points while writing an article for us:

  • The editorial feedback is an essential and evaluative part of our process. We always support our writers and make sure that the articles written by our writers meet the standards and set aside the right to edit the work as we expect the writers to rewrite the articles if necessary. 
  • After an article is published, we, as a company, have all the rights to own that piece of material. Also, we will not allow the republishing of the article anywhere without our permission. We request you to, therefore, have a look at all the terms and conditions carefully.
  • If the article does not revolve around the pitch as accepted, we set aside the right not to publish the article. Likewise, if the article is not upto the mark or requires a lot of editing, we have the authority to choose whether the article would be published or not. 

Points to be kept in mind while writing news for us:

  • It should be verified carefully with all the acceptable and trustworthy sources.
  • A viable authentic news post will only be entertained and published.
  • Make sure for every news you deliver there exists a factual evidence and data in the report itself, to make it more reliable. 

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